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Stephenson Group

Stephenson Group is a UK manufacturer based in Leeds. The team drive innovation for personal care and soap-based products with 115 employees serving customers in 62 countries. 

Lucy Bilbrough is Director of Supply Chain and Continuous Improvement.  She originally joined the business as a Financial Controller, but as a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt with a passion for process improvement, data and analytics, she soon took ownership of Stephenson Group’s technology strategy and migration from Sage 1000 to Sage X3.

Datel customer since 2005. 

Turning ERP migration into an opportunity

ERP migrations can be challenging but also remarkably rewarding when you get them right.

So, if you’re considering migrating from Sage 1000 or looking to adopt Sage X3 into your manufacturing business, here is Lucy's guide on how to hit the challenge head-on.  And how Datel helped to provide essential resource and expertise. 

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“We used to be a business that managed by volume: the amount of product we shipped dictated the amount of work that needed to be done. Now, with the right technologies in place, we’re managing by exceptions. It’s only when things go wrong that there is an increase in workload, and that means that we can scale up far more efficiently.”

Lucy Bilbrough, Stephenson Group

Stephenson Group's Sage solution from Datel

The Datel team proactively works in partnership with Lucy and the team at Stephenson Group to ensure they get the most from their investment in a Sage X3 partner.

Migration from Sage 1000

Sage X3 implementation

Sage X3 support

Private cloud hosting

Manufacturing focused add-ons

Datel's Monitor service


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