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Sage 200 Update

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Join Datel’s Product Manager Grace Canning for our next Sage 200 update online seminar.  In this session Grace will be chatting to Datel’s Support Director Stuart Morland and Account Development Manager Simon Nichols. They’ll be discussing what you can expect from our dedicated Sage 200 teams, how we approach supporting your business and how we seek to understand your needs now and in the future.

Grace will also be joined by Sage’s Product Manager for Sage 200, Sergio Braga. Grace will be asking Sergio what the future looks like for the product, how you can input into future roadmap development and how Datel works closely with Sage to ensure your feedback is heard.

John Hesketh, one of Datel’s Sage 200 product specialists, will also be taking you through some of the lesser utilised addons available for Sage 200. He’ll look at how they seamlessly integrate with the core application to bring benefit and value to your business.

Power your potential

Find out more about how Sage 200's features and capabilities can bring benefit and value to your business.