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Excel in Business Financial Analytics

Compatible with:

Sage 200

Work smarter by automating your financial reporting and data analytics inside the Sage application you know and love.

Revolutionise your reporting

Things change fast in business, so you need an accounting solution that can keep up. Excel in Business Financial Analytics automates your core processes. Working as an extension of Sage 200, it removes the burden of manually creating, collating, and maintaining disparate spreadsheets. So, you can spend less time on data entry and more time optimising performance.

Stay in the know

Dig deeper into your data with interactive dashboards and dynamic visualisations not available in standard Excel.

Measure performance

Analyse financial performance over the last five years with detailed monthly, quarterly, and annual comparisons. 

Effortlessly share insights

Automatically distribute monthly report packs via email or the cloud to keep stakeholders informed.

Out-of-the-box Power BI

Excel in Business' fully automated Power BI application for Sage 200 delivers powerful financial analytics and rich reports, right out of the box. Monitor performance, identify opportunities, and keep stakeholders informed from one platform.

  • Amplify your analytics
  • Cut reporting time and costs
  • Increase auditability
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Excel in Business solutions and Datel

Excel in Business provides automated, packaged analytical applications to drive insight and improve operational efficiencies. Founded in 2006, the Excel in Business team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in management reporting and business intelligence.

The solutions bring complex apps specific to the way Sage 200 users do business to ensure financial reporting and consolidation is repeatable and efficient. Datel has partnered with Excel in Business for over 15 years, working closely to bring integrated solutions to our Sage 200 customers.


Keep on top of your financial performance

If you’d like to know more about how you can enhance your Sage 200 solution with automated financial reporting and analytics, speak to us today.