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Prophix Finance Automation

Compatible with:

Sage X3

Sage 200

Unlock the benefits of fully integrated finance automation. Save time, work more efficiently, and focus on the things that matter.

Streamline your financial processes

Today's finance teams need more than static spreadsheets to keep things running smoothly. Compatible with Sage X3 and Sage 200, Prophix Finance Automation accelerates and simplifies business-critical processes to improve operational efficiency, eliminate errors, and boost collaboration.

Save time

Spend less time collecting and organising data and more time analysing to unlock valuable strategic insights.

Minimise risk

Automate budgeting and reporting across your business to reduce data errors and minimise risk.

Forecast with confidence

Create accurate forecasts based on real-time performance and market data to amplify your decision making.

Drive your strategy

Build robust financial models to adapt and support your strategy as your business evolves.

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Prophix solutions and Datel

Prophix has a background in finance software implementation, which led to the creation of its financial performance platform. Prophix are experts in financial performance, budgeting, and planning. Their solution helps finance leaders across the world budget, plan, consolidate, and report better.

Datel works closely with Prophix to deliver financial planning and budgeting solutions that seamlessly integrate with your Sage solution. And we implement and support the integrated solution.

Prophix Add-ons

Take the friction out of financial management

If you’d like to know more about how you can enhance your Sage X3 or Sage 200 solution with time-saving finance automation, speak to us today.