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Sage X3 Handbook

Ever wondered what sets Sage X3 apart from other ERP solutions? Explore everything from core capabilities and use cases to the benefits of working with an implementation partner like Datel. 

What is Sage x3?

Sage X3 is the enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for global, product-centric organisations that have detailed operational requirements. With market-leading capabilities and an intuitive, modular interface, Sage X3 lets you manage every aspect of your business in one powerful platform – from production and distribution to finances.

Flexible on-premises and cloud hosting options support industry-specific processes and requirements, so you can adapt Sage X3 to your needs.

Sage X3

An investment in Sage X3 is an investment in your success


Average customer ROI


Annual reduction in inventory levels


Customer service hours saved each year (Source: Forrester)

Core capabilities


Get a holistic view of your accounts to simplify financial management across your business.


Manage every stage of your distribution process in one easy-to-use system to maximise efficiency.


Streamline your manufacturing processes and go to market faster with robust BOM planning, quality control, and more.

Project management

Deliver profitable projects smoothly with integrated project management capabilities.

Customer relationship management

Give your teams the tools and insights they need to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Reporting and analytics

Empower your teams with accurate, real-time strategic insights.


Adapt Sage X3 to your needs and set your business up for success.


Personalise your solution to your needs – from screens and menus to fields and workflows.


Unlock the full potential of Sage X3 with Datel-approved integrations and add-ons.

What do people use Sage X3 for?

Although Sage X3 favours product-centric organisations in manufacturing and distribution, it’s flexible enough to adapt to almost any business and industry.

Sage X3 consolidates core business units, processes, and data into a single source of truth. With Sage X3, you can manage your financial, supply chain, and production processes in one system and collaborate seamlessly from anywhere.

An increasing number of businesses rely on specialist Sage X3 partners to configure and deploy their solutions. At Datel, our multi-industry expertise and 40+ years of experience enable us to build unique solutions that meet your needs today to help you evolve tomorrow.

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Sage X3 use cases

Sage X3 offers an impressive range of features that allow you to take control of every aspect of your business from a single, integrated system.

Financial management

Sage X3 support multi-currency and multi-company financial consolidation. It delivers real-time visibility on a global scale, so it’s easier than ever to manage your finances.

Key features:

  • General ledger
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Budgeting and reporting
  • Cash management
  • Fixed asset management
Supply chain management

Sage X3 provides end-to-end visibility to streamline your supply chain. Built-in forecasting and demand planning tools help you optimise inventory, reduce out-of-stocks, and identify areas to improve supply chain performance.

Key features:

  • Purchasing
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Material requirements planning
  • Sales order processing
  • Customer service
Production management

From planning and scheduling to quality control and delivery, Sage X3 gives you complete control of your production process. So, you can go to market quickly without compromising on quality.

Key features:

  • Production and resource planning
  • Work order and workflow management
  • Bills of material (BOM) planning
  • Shop floor control
  • Quality control

Which industries use Sage X3?

Global companies from various industries rely on Sage X3 for its unrivalled capabilities and flexibility.

  • Distribution
  • Process manufacturing
  • Discrete manufacturing
  • Hospitality and travel
  • Professional services
  • Engineering
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Wholesale
  • Food and drink
  • Cosmetics
  • Transport
  • Chemicals

See Sage X3 in action

Watch our on-demand demo to explore Sage X3’s core capabilities and industry-specific features.

Business benefits

Sage X3 offers a range of benefits, including:

Enhanced decision making

Detailed reporting, intuitive dashboards, and embedded BI provide unparalleled strategic insights to fuel your success.

Increased efficiency

Sage X3 automates manual tasks to remove bottlenecks, streamline your processes, and enhance productivity.

Effortless collaboration

Anywhere, anytime access enables seamless, cross-functional collaboration across multiple locations.

Easy to use

Responsive design, customisable interfaces, and intuitive tools empower users to do their best work.

How secure is Sage X3?

Moving to a new ERP system is a big step for your business, especially if you’re taking your data off-premises and into the cloud. Before investing in a solution, you need to know your data is accessible and secure. After all, it only takes one breach to undo the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.

Like every Sage solution, Sage X3 employs robust cybersecurity controls to protect your data and systems. For example, all Sage products adhere to independently validated security practices and are subject to regular cyber risk assessments.

Sage X3 also complies with world-leading standards and regulations:



ISO 27001




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How Sage X3 keeps your data safe

Proven governance framework

Independently validated security practices provide the best level of protection for your business.

Shared security model

Sage X3 harnesses robust security features from cloud hosting partners like Microsoft and AWS to minimise security risks.

Regular cyber risk assessments

Comprehensive cyber risk assessments identify and address potential vulnerabilities early to prevent issues.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Rigorously tested incident response, continuity, and recovery plans get you back to business as usual.

Access control

Sage X3 adheres to the principle of least privilege, restricting user access to prevent data breaches and reduce risk.

Data encryption

Sage encrypts all traffic to and from its applications to safeguard data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Change management

Strict change management processes and standards oversee all updates, patches, and new software updates to protect your systems.

Third-party security

A comprehensive supply chain assurance policy ensures third-party systems and data are always secure.

Sage X3 pricing

Sage X3 is a subscription-based ERP solution. A standard license covers hosting and core software functionality and gives you access to upgrades at no extra cost. However, as a flexible and fully customisable solution, pricing is often bespoke and depends on numerous factors, including:

  • Number of companies
  • International requirements
  • Type and number of modules
  • Number of users
  • Implementation requirements
  • Integrations and add-ons
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How long does it take to implement Sage X3?

Much like pricing, the answer to this question depends on several factors, such as the size of your business and the complexity of your solution.

As an ERP solution, Sage X3 sits at the heart of your business – connecting departments, systems, and data across your organisation. If you lack the resources or technical knowledge to handle implementation in-house, a specialist Sage X3 implementation partner can guide you through the process.

Our APM-accredited project managers support you at every stage to keep things running smoothly. From scoping and configuration to user training, testing, and go-live, we’re here for you. Once we’ve launched your solution, we'll hand you over to your dedicated Sage X3 account manager. They provide long-term support and guidance to help you get maximum value from your solution.

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"Sage X3 was the most comprehensive and robust of the options we considered for our new ERP solution. A lot of other systems fundamentally do similar things to Sage X3, but what we really liked about Sage X3 was the ease of reporting and its more comprehensive functionalities."

Oliver Mennell, CEO at NEOM Wellbeing

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Sage X3 implementation from Datel

Choosing the right implementation partner is essential for a smooth project and getting long-term value from Sage X3.

When you work with Datel, you have access to the UK’s largest team of Sage X3 consultants. With unrivalled product and technical expertise and decades of combined experience delivering sophisticated solutions for global organisations, you can rest assured your project’s in good hands.

We follow a proven, six-stage implementation process to set your project up for success:

Sage X3 implementation roadmap


Project preparation

At the beginning of your project, we get everyone together to discuss your business objectives and what you want to achieve with Sage X3. This session typically includes your internal project sponsor and key personnel, as well as your Datel project sponsor.

We then recommend the features that best meet your needs and create your project plan.



With the roadmap set, we scope your solution. This process takes place over multiple sessions, during which our consultants dig deeper into your requirements.

We collate this information into a description of target solution (DTS) document, which we present back to you at the end of the scoping phase for approval.


Install and configuration

Our consultants build your solution using sample data gathered during the scoping stage.

Once everything’s in place, we test your solution to confirm it delivers on the requirements in your DTS.


User acceptance testing and key user training

Our consultants put your new solution through its paces under real-world conditions to ensure everything works as it should.

We then move on to key-user training.


Ready for Go Live Walkthrough

As the final step before go live, we ask you to complete a Ready for Go Live Walkthrough. 

Unique to Datel, we ask you to present your new solution back to your project sponsor (and us). Think of this as an opportunity to demonstrate your Sage X3 knowledge and prove you’re ready for launch.


Go live

All that’s left to do is migrate your static and transactional data to Sage X3 and launch your solution!

We provide guidance and support throughout the process. Post-launch, our dedicated account managers and award-winning support team are on hand to answer your questions and help you get the most out of Sage X3.

Product comparison

Users love Sage X3 for its intuitive design and exceptional flexibility. But how does it compare to Sage’s other ERP and financial management solutions?

Sage X3 vs Sage Intacct


Sage X3 is a complete ERP solution designed for manufacturers and distributors, but it’s sufficiently scalable to accommodate businesses in a range of industries. Sage Intacct is primarily a financial management solution, with some ERP features.


Sage X3 and Sage Intacct share a flexible, scalable architecture that allows you to customise your solution to your needs. Both solutions provide robust reporting and analytics, built-in automation, and seamless integration with a range of third-party systems.


With on-premises and private cloud hosting options, Sage X3 allows you to deploy your solution your way. Sage Intacct is a cloud-native solution, making it quick and easy to implement.

Sage X3 vs Sage 200


Choosing between Sage X3 and Sage 200 is a question of scale. Sage X3 favours large organisations with detailed operational requirements, while Sage 200 is tailor-made for SMEs.


Sage X3 and Sage 200 are ideally suited for businesses requiring advanced manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

Both solutions offer advanced financial management capabilities, including budgeting, accounting, invoicing, and reporting. They’re also highly customisable and integrate seamlessly with a range of business systems.


As a cloud-based solution, Sage X3 offers greater scalability than it’s primarily on-premises counterpart. This makes it the obvious choice for global, multi-location and multi-entity organisations.

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Power to your potential

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But we do. 

We understand that software alone isn't enough. We know that by helping you to get the very best from the technology to become more efficient, productive, and innovative, while staying one step ahead of the competition, is what really matters.   

Value is having a team in your corner who knows how to align the capability of the software, with the ambitions of the business. It’s the same people who stay by your side to make sure it delivers.  

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Learn more about Sage X3, partnering with Datel, and how we’ve helped other businesses unlock their potential with Sage.

Sage X3

Take control of your business with Sage X3

Sage X3 is a complete enterprise resource planning solution for global businesses. And we’re here to help. Speak to us today about how working with a dedicated partner can improve your business.