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Sage Intacct update - R4 release

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If you’ve heard about the release of Sage Intacct, then you’re probably curious about the new changes and of course, what they mean to you. Customer Success Manager Toby Andrews recently caught up with John Hesketh, Sage Intacct product specialist at Datel, to take a look at some of the standout features.

Available from November 2023, the R4 release for  Sage Intacct users promises to deliver plenty of value by adopting some of the cool new updates.  

Below is a recording of our recent webinar where Toby and John select eight key features that they feel are seriously worth considering. These include:

  • Sage’s Intacct’s new look

  • Bank Transaction Assistance

  • Single receipt for multiple customers

  • Enhanced email delivery system

  • API usage dashboard

  • Recall purchase invoice 

  • Advanced Ownership consolidation

  • Sandbox management

In just 10 minutes, we’ll cover what’s new, why it matters and the value the update could bring to the table for you and your business.

And the beauty is, as a Sage Intacct user they’re available for you to review today.

Now, it’s over to Toby and John to talk you through the headlines.

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