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What's next for Sage 1000 users?

If you’re currently running Sage 1000 or Sage Line 500, then you’ll probably already know that Sage will no longer be providing support from December 2024. Datel is here to outline your options, support your current solution and assist you in migrating.


Why migrate from Sage 1000

We’re here to help you understand what the retirement announcement means for you and what’s next. Watch this brief video telling you everything you need to know in under 5 minutes.

You can learn about some of the risks of remaining on Sage 1000, that if left unaddressed, could affect your business and even the customers you serve.

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Sage 1000 migration support programme

Our migration support programme makes selection, adoption, and change management as smooth as possible.

Support for Sage 1000

Keep business as usual while you decide what you need from your next system.

Advice & expertise

Discover the best migration route for your business – delivered by fully accredited Sage experts.

Solutions review

Take a deep dive into our suite of cloud-enabled migration options based on your needs and aspirations.

Migration tools

Moving to your new system is easy with our intuitive data migration tools and packaged solutions.

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Sage 1000 FAQs

What does retirement mean for this software?

The retirement of Sage 1000 from 31st December 2024 means that Sage will no longer offer development of the platform to address bug fixes, legislative changes or required updates. Business partners will be able to support the solution for up to five years after the retirement but will also be unable to address development or code changes.

What are the risks of continuing to use the software after retirement?

Operating your business and finance operations on unsupported software could present considerable risk to your business including cyber security risk and the risk of losing accreditation such as ISO or Cyber Essentials, due to the inability to update the solutions to address legislative changes, compliance issues could also arise from January 2025. Sage 1000 may be operating on unsupported versions of Microsoft technologies which also presents considerable security risks to your business.

What are the available alternatives or replacements?

Sage offers three solutions for medium sized businesses in the UK, all implemented and supported by Datel. These are Sage X3, Sage Intacct and Sage 200. Each solution offers a range of functionality and technology that is superior to Sage 1000. Datel will support you in evaluating the three solutions and offer advice on selecting the right one for your business now and in the future.

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Will there be migration support available?

Yes, Datel’s Sage 1000 migration programme makes sure you have support for your Sage 1000 solution whilst selecting and implementing a new Sage software. Our expert and experienced teams will plan and deliver a migration that aligns to your objectives and our data migration tools will ease the process.  We’ve worked with many customers who have made the move and benefited from aligning their new Sage solution to their business processes and operations. Our knowledge of your current Sage 1000 setup and the defined new solution will mean you are in safe hands.

How long will the migration take and what will it involve?

The length of a migration depends on the complexity of your business and the solution you are moving too. We recommend you plan for six to twelve months as a project period, but can be clearer on timescales once you have selected the solution you are moving to. Datel’s migration projects follow our tried and tested implementation methodology with clear milestones and project management so you can ensure the project stays on track alongside BAU.

What training and support will be offered for the new system?

Every Datel project includes training and support to ensure that when your solution goes live you feel equipped and ready to run your business effectively on the software. We also have a Sage accredited Support team that's on hand to support you throughout your time using the software. This award winning team has exceptional customer feedback and is focused on addressing your concerns to resolution in a timely fashion.

How can I future proof my new solution?

All three Sage solutions available from Datel have clear and defined roadmaps from Sage. Additional applications and integrations available mean you can add to your solution as your requirements flex and change. Datel’s Account Management and Customer Success teams will make sure that your tech strategy stays aligned to your business strategy for years to come. And, the long term partnership our Sage 1000 customers have benefited from will continue on your new solution.

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Migration experience

“We have built a strong relationship with Datel over the past 15 years and have a lot of confidence in the business to deliver what we need. Datel has always been aware of our requirements and what we want to achieve, therefore Sage X3 was the logical next step for us.”

Lucy Bilbrough, Stephenson Group

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We can't predict the future, but we'll always stand by our customers

"At Datel, we understand that for you, business continuity will be of utmost importance and we're here to ensure that is maintained. Our team at Datel will provide levels of support for your Sage 1000 and Line 500 systems until 2029, and with our migration programme, we'll guide you through to a new Sage system when the time is right for you."

Andrew Pritchard, Managing Director, Datel

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Sage migration options available from Datel



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