Introducing the new Sage 200 Ideas Portal

21st December 2023

3 min read

Author: Grace Canning, Product Manager, Datel

The new Sage 200 Ideas Portal is now live.

In our latest Sage 200 update webinar, Sergio Braga, Sage's Product Marketing Manager for Sage 200, showed how this portal empowers you as customers, placing the influence over the product's future roadmap directly in your hands.


Navigating the portal

The portal provides an interface where you can:

  • Search and vote: Explore existing ideas, vote for the ones you support, and champion the functionalities that matter most to you.

  • Submit new ideas: Share your concepts and unique perspectives.

  • Engage and collaborate: Share comments, and offer in-depth insights with others, just as you could previously.

How it empowers you as customers

The portal is your avenue to directly influence the product’s roadmap. Your voice matters, and this portal ensures it's heard loud and clear. By engaging with this portal, you're actively steering the future of Sage 200, tailoring it to suit your business needs and preferences.


Accessing the portal

Explore the portal now by clicking here.

Sage 200 ideas portalThe portal is in addition to the Sage Community Hub and Sage 200 Announcements, providing great resources to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments in Sage 200.


Hear from Sergio in the webinar

Watch Sergio when I caught up with him at the recent Sage 200 update webinar. Sergio discusses Sage’s development roadmap, the future of Sage 200, and explores the benefits Datel brings as a Sage 200 partner, including how customers can actively contribute ideas for future developments: