Why working with Datel is the right choice for Sage 1000 users

30th June 2023

3 min read

Author: Emma Pownall, Marketing Director, Datel

We caught up with Tom James, Datel’s Head of Sales. Tom is a 15-year ERP veteran and heads up the UK’s largest sales team and Sage account managers.

You’d expect him to have a few good reasons to choose Datel; here are ten specifically realted to businesses looking at next steps following the end of life announcement for Sage 1000


1. Whatever your challenge, we’ve probably seen it before

The best argument for getting external help is that we bring the experience of hundreds of engagements to the table. We currently have over 1000 customers across almost every industry sector.

2. That’s because we’ve been doing this for a long time

Datel has recently celebrated 40 years of supporting Sage solutions in businesses of all sizes – that makes us the same age as Diet Coke and Vienetta ice cream!

3. We know Sage from top to toe

We have deep experience of the entire Sage ecosystem, so we’ll know what’s possible and what isn’t. And if it isn’t, we’ll usually find a way…

4. We’re resourced beyond BAU

Anyone can handle the good times. It’s when you’re under pressure that you’ll need experienced and capable help. For decades, we’ve been Sage’s largest and most experienced partner.

With the UK’s largest team of Sage specialists, including consultants, project managers and helpdesk experts with deep product knowledge, we’re well resourced to solve any challenge.

5. We’re migration specialists

We’ve been doing digital transformation for a long time. So when it comes to the time for a big change, you can have confidence that we know the processes and we’ll keep your data safe.

6. We’re people people

At Datel, we know that technology only works for a business if you also bring your team along for the journey. We don’t just deploy world-class technology; we think about your employees, their training needs and the processes which will underpin a successful rollout.

7. Complexity isn’t a problem

We’re used to the strangest corners of the world’s accounting regimes. We’ve configured Sage for the most interesting and intriguing sectors and business models. So if things are looking complicated, we can usually still tackle it and come up with a workable solution.

8. You’ll get our innovation labs, too

Our team has created Fusion, a range of extensions to Sage for common business requirements; like push notifications and real-time multi-currency calculations. Our R&D lab also stress-tests third party applications to ensure that they are truly Sage-compliant and won’t leave you wanting when it really matters. This means that we’re not just equipped to solve more business problems than anyone else, we can also recommend our own and third-party solutions with confidence.

9. Check out private cloud hosting

Whilst many of our clients are migrating to the cloud, that’s not an option for everyone. For those who still need world-class corporate hosting, our Sage hosting is a fully managed service with end-to-end Sage compatibility out-of-the-box.

10. We’re financially sound

In these times of rapid change, you can’t afford to put your mission-critical technology in the hands of a business which might not be there tomorrow. We’re privately held, fully-financed and steered by a mature management team. Whatever your ambitions, we’re with you for the long term.


If you'd like to speak with the team about your next steps beyond Sage 1000, get in touch with the team.