Why Sage 200 could be an ideal successor for Sage 1000 Customers

9th July 2024

2 min read

Author: Simon Nichols, Account Development Manager, Datel

As the first major milestone of the retirement of Sage 1000 approaches in December 2024, it’s important for Sage 1000 users to consider your next steps carefully. For many, transitioning to Sage 200 presents a seamless pathway, offering new features and capabilities while staying within the familiar Sage ecosystem.

Here's why Sage 200 could be a suitable replacement for you, how others have found the transition and how partnering with Datel can benefit your business.

Continuity and familiarity with Sage Technology

Sage 200 is designed to be intuitive for users transitioning from Sage 1000. It not only enhances your operational efficiency but also integrates with existing Sage products, addons and industry platforms you may have, ensuring continuity. Sage 200 is generally suited to product base businesses in manufacturing and distribution looking to stick with an on-premise or privately hosted solution. With capabilities that can be customised by Datel to your specific business needs it makes Sage 200 an adaptable solution that grows with your business.

Enhanced features

While Sage 1000 has served your business well, Sage 200 introduces advanced functionalities tailored to modern demands. It offers more robust reporting tools, greater scalability, and flexible deployment options, including private cloud-based solutions that enable remote access and reduce IT overhead. With Sage 200, businesses can enjoy streamlined processes and enhanced data insights, leading to better decision-making.

The advantage of working with Datel as your Sage Partner

Sticking with Datel as your Sage partner who has supported your Sage 1000 solution means we already understand your business’s unique landscape and requirements. This familiarity speeds up the migration process and ensures a customised setup that reflects your operational needs today. Moreover, continued partnership means ongoing support and advice in a familiar environment and to the standards you have come to expect from us. 

Transitioning to Sage 200 with a trusted Sage partner not only simplifies the changeover but also enhances your ability to adapt to future challenges. Take this opportunity to upgrade your operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency with Sage 200, leveraging the full support of a Sage 200 partner who knows your business inside out.