Victoria Wilson, R&D Engineer, Datel
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Fusion Currency Connect

Compatible with:

Sage X3

Automate access to currencies and exchange rates. Monitor and update in real-time to optimise global trade opportunities.

Transform international trading

Fusion Currency Connect makes monitoring and updating currencies and exchange rates simple.

Connect your Sage ecosystem directly into popular exchange rate services such as Bank of England, and Oanda. Fusion Currency Connect gives you a complete overview of the most recent exchange rates for the currencies you trade in.

A simple, yet powerful way to monitor currency changes

Automatically populates exchange rates

Save hours of manual data entry

Fusion add-ons from Datel

From process automation to quick and easy data entry, we’re always looking for better ways to streamline your business processes. We test our Fusion range throughout development to guarantee quality and reliability.

Dedicated Sage consultants

Our teams use proven methodologies to build and support our add-ons.

Trusted technical support

High standards and specialist expertise mean minimum disruption and maximum uptime.

Innovation that supports your growth

Our R&D team creates bespoke solutions to expand your Sage solution to your needs.

"Datel is a channel for delivering on-going incremental improvements, which they do with the minimum of fuss. The Fusion suite has played a part in this."

Aidan Walsh, Project Manager at Distrupol

Fusion Currency Connect guide

Discover the impact Fusion Currency Connect could have on your team and business by downloading the free product guide.

Datel's R&D team

About Fusion

Our Fusion range works with your core Sage solution to align your technology with your business needs. Headed up by R&D Director Tim Purcell, our R&D team works with emerging technologies to learn how they impact your business. From process automation to quick and easy data entry, we proactively seek user feedback and deliver new additions to streamline your business processes.


Don’t let the challenges of global trade slow your growth

In the complex and dynamic world of global transactions, speed and accuracy are essential. We help you deliver both, thanks to Sage and our Fusion Currency Connect add-on. Speak to us today to empower your business.