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Nectari Business Intelligence

Compatible with:

Sage 200

Take your data management further. Access real-time business intelligence to increase visibility, enhance collaboration, and make more informed decisions.

Valuable business intelligence at your fingertips

Inconsistent data management processes and tools lead to miscommunication and organisational silos. Nectari Business Intelligence for Sage 200 is an on-premises solution that standardises the way you access, visualise, analyse, and store data, creating a single source of truth across your business.

Get unrivalled visibility

Migrate data from disparate sources, including legacy and third-party systems, to centralise your business insights.



Collaborate securely

Annotate reports, set up custom rules, and more to ensure users share the right information with the right stakeholders.

Empower users

Create custom views, manipulate data, and share insights in a few easy clicks with Necatri's user-friendly interface.

Sage add-ons from Datel

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Work smarter with powerful add-ons that enhance the core functionality of your Sage solution.

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We vet every add-on against financial, technical, and security criteria to ensure we recommend only the best solutions.

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Nectari solutions and Datel

Nectari’s mission is to empower businesses with the insights they need using real-time data, to cut through the noise and make better-informed decisions quickly.  They’ve been working within the ERP industry for over 10 years and are a close partner to Sage and Datel.

Datel values Nectari’s focus on providing BI solutions to Sage customers and works closely with Nectari on product developments, roadmap, and future releases.  Over 150 Datel customers use Nectari’s reporting, dashboard, and insight tools to aid decision making and gain insights from their Sage and business data.

Nectari Add-ons

Make better business decisions

If you’d like to know more about how you can enhance your Sage 200 solution with real-time business intelligence, speak to us today.