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Compatible with:

Sage X3

Industry leading functionality for Sage X3 users to manage process manufacturing, quality control and chemical distribution.

Enhance Sage X3 with a suite of modules required by process manufacturers and chemical distributors

Your quality control teams will know all too well how manual quality control can be, even with Sage X3 embedded in your business. Often sitting in silos, this highly important function can benefit from being on your digital transformation hitlist.

Designed exclusively for Sage X3, Procession runs natively from within your Sage X3 environment.

Designed to help process managers with formation management, regulatory control and quality control.

Brings a connected solution and one source of data to remove inefficiencies and costs from your quality control function.

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Digital transformation: The Power of Quality Control in ERP

Watch our recent webinar to understand what we are seeing process manufacturers do to address quality control as part of their digital transformation journey and how Procession from Datacore can bring a connected solution, one source of data and remove inefficiencies and costs from your quality control function.

Grace Canning, Product Manager at Datel, speaks with Daniel Rielly from Datacor. Daniel is an expert in digital transformation and product manager for Procession, the Sage X3 native product that is designed to help process managers.

Procession and Datel

Procession is a Datecor company that combines industry insight of process manufacturing professions with the skills and experience of developing for Sage X3. The solution was created to address the needs of chemical manufacturers and distributors looking for an enhanced Sage X3 solution. Datel partners with Procession to harness their expertise and knowledge in the area combined with our knowledge and experience of Sage X3 and over 40 years of working with manufacturing businesses.


Bring quality control into you Sage X3 solutions

If you'd like to know more about Procession and how it can enhance your Sage solution, soeak to us today.