Sage 200

Removing disconnected logins

When using Sage 200, you may occasionally encounter errors that could abruptly close your session, leaving behind what is referred to as a "Disconnected Login." This guide will help you understand and resolve disconnected logins in a clear and straightforward manner.


Users may encounter errors that force them out of the Sage 200 program, particularly while in the middle of data entry, such as creating a new sales order. These errors result in the system saving their work as a "Disconnected Login." Although the user isn't actively using the system, it appears as if they are, which can lead to various issues.

If a user was creating a new sales order, the order becomes locked, and any associated allocations are affected. This locked order may appear in reports with a name starting with "##." Unfortunately, any changes made to this order cannot be saved and will need to be re-entered after the session disconnects.

Disconnected logins can also prevent other users from accessing certain areas in Sage 200, such as module settings, Accounting Periods, VAT Return preparation, and Verify Data. Therefore, it's essential to clear them regularly.

Please note: Removing a Disconnected Login does not log the user off from Sage 200; it simply clears the crashed session. To use this feature, your role must have User Login Status enabled. Contact your Sage 200 System Administrator for assistance.


How to remove disconnected logins:


  1. Navigate to Accounting System Manager > System Utilities > User Login Status or click on the Tools menu (the cog icon at the top right of Sage 200).

  2. On the Disconnected Logins tab, select one or more users. You can select multiple users by holding down the Shift key and clicking on the last user in the list.
  3. Click the Log Off button.

    Sage 200 disconnected logins 1

  4. Confirm the removal of the disconnected login and any associated locks by clicking Yes.

Sage 200 disconnected logins 2


By following these steps, you can effectively manage and clear Disconnected Logins in Sage 200, ensuring smooth operations and avoiding potential data conflicts.