Challenge-trg Group and their journey to Sage Intacct

4th May 2022

2 min read

Logistics group now partner with Datel for their new ERP

Challenge-trg Group is one of the largest independent providers of logistics, recruitment and training in the UK. We spoke to MD Steve Imber about their move to a Sage Intacct partner, and how it is the right solution for the growing business. 

Challenge-trg Group offers multi-service logistics solutions, temporary staffing, haulage and traction, bespoke training programmes and crisis management teams to the logistics and warehouse sector. Operating across the UK, Challenge-trg Group provides large numbers of temporary drivers and industrial workers each year, making it one of the largest independent providers of HGV drivers and warehouse operatives in the country.

Challenge Group acquired trg Logistics back in 2019, and they have seen considerable growth since the merger. As the two businesses use different financial software, a solution that will align financial reporting is a priority for Steve and the team.

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Making the right choice 

‘Our new CTO has worked with Datel in the past, so that’s how we were introduced. We have a complex corporate setup, and particular management information reporting requirements, so I mapped out what we wanted to achieve. Emma and John at Datel recommended Sage Intacct support and provided a tailored demonstration which allowed me to see beyond question that it was what we needed.’ 

Sage Intacct will benefit Challenge-trg in many ways, providing intercompany transactions and the ability to scale. As a cloud-based solution, they will no longer need to host a server, reducing IT spend, and it’s Sage Intacct’s powerful APIs that are the real selling point for Steve; ‘We have an internal programme, BOXD, which manages the charges and pay rates for the recruitment division. This will fully integrate with Sage Intacct and is going to be vital as we continue to grow.’

Steve is looking forward to completing integration, which is on track for the end of May, but is also mindful that it needs to be done right. ‘My vision is that when the last transaction of a month is posted – we can instantly get the required management information. I’m really excited that Sage Intacct is going to get us to where we want to be.’