The customer is always right: How your feedback shapes Sage Intacct

5th December 2023

4 min read

Financial management solutions exist to make your life easier and solve your business challenges. And nobody understands those challenges better than you.

Your feedback plays an integral role in shaping Sage Intacct, ensuring it has the features and functionality to meet your needs as the business landscape evolves.

We recently sat down with Sage Intacct Regional Product Manager Chris Tully to delve deeper into the customer feedback process. Read on to discover how sharing your experiences helps Sage refine its solutions and how working with an accredited Sage partner, like Datel, means your voice is always heard.

Watch now or read on for the key takeaways.


How Sage collects and uses your feedback

Sage Intacct is a best-in-class cloud accounting and financial management solution trusted by companies across the globe. And, it relies on market insights and customer feedback to maintain its position as the market leader.

Customer feedback helps Sage understand today’s business challenges and what customers want from their financial management solutions.

Sage employs dedicated teams in every region who work tirelessly to:

  • Observe market changes
  • Monitor technology trends
  • Listen to customers on public channels, like social media

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Working with a Sage-accredited partner

The most valuable source of insight comes from Sage partners.

Sage partners occupy a unique position. Partners work closely with Sage customers, giving them a deeper understanding of end-user needs. As the link between Sage and its customers, they can share these vital insights directly with Sage’s product teams and work collaboratively to develop new features and functionality. For example, fulfilling a specific requirement or addressing a common paint point.

By providing Sage with additional context around the business environments in which their solutions operate, partners help product teams prioritise and schedule new releases.

The Sage product development roadmap

Sage releases four major updates every year. These updates focus on adding new features and functionality that improve the core product and streamline the customer experience. Sage occasionally issues smaller updates outside the main release schedule to address regulatory or compliance issues.

Why not go straight to Sage?

It’s a fair question. If you want to give feedback to a Sage Intacct partner or for any other product, it stands to reason you’d go straight to the source. After all, social media and chatbots have made getting in touch with companies more accessible than ever.

Going through a third party only adds an unnecessary extra step, right? Not quite.

For the best customer experience, Sage advises customers to share their feedback with their Sage Intacct partners first.

Sage engineers and product development teams need as much detail as possible to ensure any updates they make meet customer expectations. True, you understand your challenges and pain points better than anyone. But as an end-user, you may not know how Sage’s products work at the back end. Similarly, while Sage’s engineers know the products inside and out, they won’t understand your business.

A Sage partner bridges the gap. They have a close working relationship with you and Sage. When you share feedback with an experienced Sage specialist, they can formalise and validate your request and share it with product engineers in a way they understand.

For example, you might say “I want partial ownership of my Sage Intacct solution”. To an engineer who isn’t familiar with your business, that could mean many things and leaves unanswered questions:

  • How do you want to access your solution?
  • How will you collect business insights?
  • How do you share insights with stakeholders?

By contextualising your feedback, Sage partners help to avoid misunderstandings and ensure future updates meet your needs.

Of course, feedback isn’t just about flagging what doesn’t work or what’s missing from your solution. It’s also an opportunity to share which features or functionality you value most. Feedback like this enables Sage to identify its most popular features and, potentially, roll these out in other areas to provide the best experience across its product suite.

Creating better solutions together

As technology specialists, Sage’s product development teams have a different perspective on how things should work than a typical customer. Only by collecting customer feedback can Sage truly understand what end users want and need from its solutions.

Partners fill the dual role of customer advocate and technology expert, giving you a voice in Sage’s product development roadmap. Whether fixing a bug or creating new functionality to meet an emerging need, partners facilitate mutually beneficial relationships.

At Datel, we run regular sessions with Sage to discuss your feedback. As the UK’s leading Sage Intacct partner and with over 40 years of industry experience behind us, you can trust us to help you take your Sage Intacct solution even further.