People experience: Joining the support team

4th August 2023

3 min read

Author: Ben Smith, HR Advisor, Datel

In my role as HR Advisor, I speak to a lot of potential employees about what it's like to join Datel. Sometimes there are concerns about joining a large team or taking your career in a different direction. What better way to explain what it's really like than through hearing from one of our recent recruits, Raven Jones.

Raven joined Datel’s support team as a Sage 200 Support Consultant a few months ago and shared her experience of settling into her new role.


“One of the things I was impressed by when I first joined Datel was how friendly and supportive the people are.”


Ben: Raven, how did you find joining Datel? 

Raven: The first few days in a new company can be nerve-wracking, but I was immediately made to feel at ease by a supportive team that demonstrated a willingness to go out of their way to help me out and answer my questions.

The wealth of experience across the team, and wider company, is invaluable because everyone either knows the answers or knows someone who does, and that has significantly helped me to settle into my new role.

Ben: Collaboration is key to our success, have you found we've lived up to the value? 

Raven: Despite working remotely, I have seen how working collectively fosters a supportive team vibe. We work on a lot of tickets together, which again is super helpful. It’s reassuring to get extra eyes (and experience) on something that you’re struggling with and couldn’t do otherwise. There’s no stigma attached to asking for help, and it’s nice to see people that have been here for years asking questions, getting input and sharing their own knowledge.

Despite coming into the team with no prior Sage product support experience, though I’d worked with Sage 200 in my previous role, I feel like a really valued member of the team. I felt supported as I progressed through my Sage Accreditations - which I passed, first time!). I couldn’t have done that without the help of my colleagues. All of my additional on-the-job training is fully supported by colleagues, and so this has been and continues to be a fantastic experience catered to what works best for my learning and skills development.

Ben: So, a few months in, how do you feel about your move to Datel?

Raven: For me, Datel has ticked a lot of boxes. My initial experience has been very positive - I feel included, and they also provide a great package benefits which I’ve utilised.

It's clear that this company values its people and its culture, and I am excited to be a part of it. But what I really like is how everyone is helping my success which contributes to success for the customer too!



Ben Smith

Datel is on the look out for customer focused individuals to join our growing Sage support team. If you work with Sage or have experience of supporting business solutions, we’d love to hear from you. Just get in touch and ask for me, Ben Smith.