What is Fusion?

1st September 2022

3 min read

Author: Emma Pownall, Marketing Director, Datel

Over the years we’ve developed an expansive range of Fusion accelerators designed to enhance core Sage solutions, providing extra flexibility and efficiencies.

I recently caught up with Tim Purcell, our R&D Director and creator of Fusion, to understand more of what Fusion is and Datel’s commitment to future tech.

Tim talked me through the integration and connectivity of Fusion with Sage solutions, the benefits our customers are seeing from implementing the products, and he also gave his advice on what future tech trends we should look out for.

Watch the interview here or read on to find out more about Fusion.


Can you tell us about Fusion?

“Fusion isn't a single product, it's a range of products. Those products integrate with Sage 200, Sage 1000, Sage X3 and Sage Intacct. The Fusion product range adds value to the core Sage product. In the case of Fusion Excel Connects, that might be a case of allowing users to enter and manipulate data in Excel, and then post that into Sage.”

Is all of the Fusion range connected or integrated products?

“Most of them do have some form of integration with an external system. In the case of our Credit Connect product, we take credit data from the cloud, extract the data and bring it into the Sage products. We also push that data into other systems. Then we have Carrier Connect, where we take shipments and dispatches from Sage and push those into the Carrier systems within the cloud.”

What benefits are we seeing our customers have from using the Fusion range?

“There are a number of different benefits, one being simplification. For example, someone might have a complicated and time-consuming task, where users are having to manually key data into their systems, which could result in mistakes. Where Fusion can add value is by simplifying that process. Fusion imports and processes data much more quickly than a manual process would do. Adding value to each business is unique. Different businesses may be required to hold different types of data at different points in their business processes. There are various Fusion products that leverage different data but also add different data sources into the standard Sage product”

What does the team behind Fusion look like?

“We’ve got a fantastic team. The team are really important for the development of the product. We have a team of 12 that are involved in the development, testing, and distribution of the product.”

How is future technology influencing what you are doing?

“That's an important role for us as a business so that we can understand that technology and guide the customer in terms of how that applies to their business systems in a digital world. We also engage and understand what the customer’s requirements are, we can look at how different environments, systems, and technologies might be shaping their growth and evolution of their business systems.”

We’re the bridge between what's in the technology world and what our customers care about.

“It can be quite difficult to work out how technology changes are going to affect how we use business systems. As a business, we translate that to our customers and keep them up to date so that the understand what the technology means for them, how it can be applied, and how our software can be integrated with that”

What future tech trends should we look out for?

“Cloud technology is increasingly relevant, but also how we leverage data from different cloud services and how applications are deployed in different environments which include cloud environments are important.  It is really important for us to understand that technology and how it applies to our customers.”

It comes back to connectivity and integration of systems.

“We're seeing that the finance system now is at the heart of most people's implementations, and the integration between that and different systems, whether they're cloud systems or hosted on premise, is becoming really important.”

If you would like a bit more information about Fusion please get in touch with the team. They'll be more than happy to have a chat with you.